Om oss

Tanken med Teamjegliker er å lære så mye som mulig samtidig som man opplever endringene i kroppen. Når man jobber sammen i et team, er det også lettere å holde kursen.

Jeg håper at du ønsker å forbedre deg selv og utvikle deg til den beste versjonen du kan bli. Du er ikke for gammel. Du er ikke for ung.

Når vi har det bra inni oss ønsker vi å ta vare på kroppen og spise sunt. Derfor er den mentale delen av Teamjegliker veldig viktig. 

We are here to tell you how

Eight weeks will get you far, make you feel that you mastered something, and then it’s easier to join the next eight weeks as well if you want to. 

We are a team of experts with several years of experience and expertise. Our team consists of European Champions, Norwegian Champions, Coaches, Nutritionists, and trained professionals. 

We Help You Stay Healthy

The Trainers

Christian Egner​

Christian has lifelong experience with exercise and diet. He started lifting weights as a 13-year-old and has won 11 NM gold medals in bodybuilding (IFBB). With 34 years experience of operation of the gym, NPT, instructor, and coaching, you can be sure that Christian will push your limits. As a trained Personal Trainer and Dietitian (AFPT), who has coached over 2000 people in weight loss and muscle growth, Christian Enger will be there by your side to encourage and motivate you. "If you do as I say, I promise you results!" -Christian Egner

Anette-Marie Antonsen​

Anette-Marie Antonsen is the team leader of Teamjegliker, and takes care of the unity of the team. Anette-Marie is an educated personal trainer (AFPT) whom focuses on self-improvement. Teamjegliker was started after she herself experienced how "easy" it really is to change the body, if you just eat right and exercise. "To be able to make the right choices for one's body it requires good mental health."

Joefrey Sacyaton

Joefrey is a skilled and upbeat Personal Trainer with lots of experience in various sports. He took the NPT certificate through AFPT - The Academy for Personal Trainers. Joefrey's stand for will and dedication in sports and training has given him several titles in street workouts. A few of these are 2x Norwegian champion, 1 Nordic champion, 1 gold in Battle Of The Barz in Birmingham, 1st place team battle in Sweden. Through his work, he attracted the attention of AFPT, which he wanted as a partner, and was then able to sponsor his education. Joefrey is a top athlete and specializes in body weight, mobility, and functional training. His background has been very versatile and this has given him a completely different view of everything that has to do with the body, health, injury-free training, dedication and not least keeping the motivation when working towards a goal. He has a distinctive style and philosophy that guarantees that you get a different, unique experience and a new love for training.

Rita Helen Simonsen

With 25 years experience as an instructor and training supervisor, and 16 years as a Personal trainer it is no doubt that Rita Helen is another excellent trainer for you to work with. This powerhouse of a woman wasn't only the Norwegian champion in Powerlifting master 2017 and 2019, she also held the Norwegian Powerlifting record for both years. There are no limits to what Rita Helen can do! European champion in deadlift 2020, Norwegian Champion in Fitness Five 2017,18,19 and European Champion in Fitness Five 2019. Do you want to miss working with such a strong and motivated Personal Trainer?